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Time for Some GRATITUDE!


The word “gratitude” is mentioned only once in today’s addition to our practice of praise. But that’s all that is needed! The song itself expresses this gratitude for our wonderful God. Gratitude, adoration, and worship run straight through this song! Writers Dante Bowe, Benjamin Hastings, and Brandon Lake ask themselves this question (verse one):
How could I express all my gratitude?
They express their inability to adequately offer God all that He deserves. And that’s our story, too, isn’t it? How can we praise Him enough? One glorious day, all of creation will burst forth in worship and praise to our God, who is love. Will we ever stop singing?


There’s that Hebrew word again! So many languages throughout the world lift up our God in adoration–so many languages sound His praise around the throne. And common to so many songs, is this gorgeous, universal word:


For a brief treatment of what “hallelujah” means, pop over to this song. Here is the conclusion I drew from our discussion at that post:
So, in essence, “Hallelujah” could mean: “Joyous song in praise to the Name of the Lord, that Name that is inexpressibly holy, because He is Holy. Praise Him.”

Talking to Your Soul

Often in the Psalms, we find the the psalmist telling his soul what to do. Psalm 103, instructs himself to bless God. Take a look!
Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits… Psalm 103: 1-2
In today’s song, the writers follow the same idea, but in a fun, modern vernacular:
So come on, my soul Don’t you get shy on me Lift up your song ‘Cause you’ve got a lion inside of those lungs! Get up and praise the Lord!
Don’t you love that part? A LION? YESSSS!!! Let’s roar it, friends. Let’s get up and praise the Lord! Let us forever worship our beautiful, worthy, loving, powerful, merciful, faithful, present, and astoundingly GOOD, Lord! (For another awesome song that is based on Psalm 103, pop over here! There is a lovely, lyrical quality in this tune. Perhaps you will find it running through your head as you go about your day, like I do!

May our great and loving God be blessed, as we raise our voices in adoration and gratitude, today!

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Gratitude – Brandon Lake (Lyrics)
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